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Additional Resources

Plant Air Purifier –  The Plant Air Purifier® is an air filtration system that consists of a planter, specially developed ceramic growing media, activated carbon and a low-voltage power supply. The planter itself consists of a perforated inner pot and a unique outer reservoir that holds enough water for up to one week. The planter has an electric fan to ventilate the system and a low-water switch in the water reservoir to turn off the fan when the water runs low. All that is required is a plant, periodic watering and a dose of nutrients every few months.  Made in the U.S.A.

NASA Technical Report Server – Type  B. C. Wolverton into the search window to obtain many technical reports by Dr. Wolverton (PDF format).

Green Plants for Green Buildings –  A U.S. based non-profit organization whose primary mission is to inform decision makers of the significant environmental, health, business productivity and aesthetic benefits of including live plants in our indoor environments.

Takenaka Garden Afforestation, Inc. (Tokyo, Japan) – The leading interior plantscape company in Tokyo who works in association with Dr. Wolverton to continue research into the use of interior plants for improving indoor air quality.

Plants At Work – The association representing interior landscapers by promoting the use and benefits of interior plants in the United Kingdom.

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