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     Wolverton Environmental Services, Inc. (WES, Inc.), founded in 1990 by B. C. "Bill" Wolverton, Ph.D., is a small environmental consulting firm providing consultant services in the field of phytoremediation.  The Company advocates the use of plants and their root-associated microorganisms to biodegrade and treat indoor air and water pollution.

    Dr. Wolverton conducted more than 30 years of research as a civilian scientist with the U.S. military and as a Senior Research Scientist with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).   His military research was directed toward developing means to protect against and destroy toxic chemicals and pathogenic microbes.  Dr. Wolverton's NASA research was directed toward the development of a closed ecological life support system for long-term space habitation.  Upon retirement from NASA, he has conducted research with plants and microorganisms toward solving earthly environmental pollution problems.  Not only is he a world renowned pioneer in the field of phytoremediation but has many years of practical application, primarily wastewater treatment and indoor air pollution abatement.

    Environmental problems pervasive in today's world were unheard of only a few short decades ago.  Pollution is derived from a litany of sources -- untreated or partially treated human and animal waste, air pollution both indoors and outdoors, widespread use of pesticides and other harsh chemicals, industrial waste, urban and agricultural stormwater runoff, landfill leachate, and on and on.  Most of our foods now contain synthetic dyes and additives.   Factory farms that produce our meat supply routinely give growth hormones and antibiotics to livestock to produce a better, faster yield.  Agricultural operations make heavy use of synthetic pesticides.  A growing body of evidence suggests that while single exposure to a chemical might not be harmful, the cumulative effect of a constant exposure to an array of chemicals, even at minute levels, may be taking quite a toll on our health.  Yet, no one seriously suggests that we turn away from our modern lifestyle.

    Therefore, it is self-evident that we must seek a compromise that would limit our exposures to these pollutions, yet maintain the enhancements that make our lifestyle more pleasant.  One of the marvelous aspects of nature is its inherent ability to cleanse itself.   Problems arise when the sheer volume that the masses in the modern world dump on it overwhelms the cleansing powers of nature.

    It is our belief that solutions lie within a marriage of natural forces and man's ingenuity.  Allow nature to cleanse itself, yet use technological advancements to make "Mother Nature" more efficient.  WES, Inc. has developed technologies using natural processes that make use of plants and their root-associated microbes to treat a variety of environmental pollutions.  Not only do these developments provide effective treatment of air and water, but are generally more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and use less energy.


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    WES, Inc. pioneered the practical application of the use of phytoremediation techniques for solving environmental pollution problems. Originally developed by Dr. B.C. "Bill" Wolverton for NASA, these natural processes have far more value in pollution control on earth than application in future manned habitats in outer space.  It is Dr. Wolverton's belief that human and animal waste ultimately must be used as a nutrient source for growing valuable plant materials while purifying the waste stream.

Dr. B.C. "Bill" Wolverton


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