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Its founder, Dr. Bill Wolverton, is one of the world’s foremost authorities in the use of phytoremediation.  Not only is he a world renowned pioneer in this field but has many years of practical application, primarily in wastewater treatment and indoor air pollution abatement.

        It is not a matter of simulating nature’s biological processes.  But it is our belief that solutions lie within a marriage of natural forces and man's ingenuity.  Allow nature to cleanse itself, yet use technological advancements to assist nature in becoming more efficient.  WES has developed technologies using natural processes that make use of plants and their root-associated microbes to treat a variety of environmental pollutions. Not only do these developments provide effective treatment of air and water, but are generally more cost-effective, environmentally friendly and use less energy.

The trending buzzword in both architecture and interior design is biophilia.  Biophilia is defined as man’s inherent desire to be close to nature.  Biophilic design brings natural materials, natural light, vegetation, views of nature, etc. into the indoor environment.  Simply put…it’s the basic concept that I envisioned when I began my research career many years ago.

Explore the pages of this website to learn more about the interconnectedness of plants, microbes and humans and how they can contribute to the health and well-being of us all whether it is through cleaning our air, water or the myriad of pollution that exist in our environment.


Wolverton Environmental Services (WES) advocates the use of biological systems to treat environmental pollutions.  These processes are included in sustainable design.  Often this field is referred to as phytoremediation. (Phyto = Greek word for plant and remediation = the process of correcting a problem or to put back in proper condition.)

   The Veolia Institute (France) published in March 2020 a new issue of Facts Reports on the theme of Indoor Air Quality. This 100-page report offers 15 contributions to tackle the question of the public health problem, measurements and remediation as well as public perceptions. See the full report at the Veolia Institute website or see Dr. Wolverton’s contribution below.  


Using Plants and Soil Microbes to Purify Indoor Air:   lessons from NASA and Biosphere 2 experiments       by Bill  Wolverton and Mark Nelson

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        Orion Publishing (London) recently re-released Dr. Wolverton’s groundbreaking book ‘How to Grow Fresh Air.’  Originally published in  1996, this book continues to enjoy public interest.